RedMorpheus develops e-learning, blended learning and life workshops. We offer a broad range of experience across disciplines - rooted in the firm believe that a learning designer needs to understand the topic taught and not just the medium used, RedMorpheus provides in-depth analysis services to find the optimal solution for your teaching goals.


Multimedia has a multitude of applications in science and research. From video-abstracts targeting peers to communication with a kindergarden-age audience, RedMorpheus supports you in bringing your ideas across. We tailor your message to your audience, adapting the audiovisual language, narratives and storytelling.


It's not just information, entertainment or teaching – it's about creating an unique audiovisual experience. From classical Image Films to Playful Documentations about Cultural Projects - RedMorpheus offers a wide range of different digital communication formats.


'research 4 Development' Program of the swiss national science foundation, social conlicts

Under the umbrella of the R4D program of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), we're currently in the early preproduction phase of a joint-collaborative project with research teams from the Université de Lausanne, Université de Genève and the ETH Zurich for a documentary film about 'Social Conflicts'. The involved research projects of the R4D program are:

»Ethnic power relations and conflict in fragile states«

»The gender dimensions of social conflict, armed violence and peacebuilding«

»Fostering pluralistic memories and collective resilience in fragile transitional justice processes«.

corporate sustainability, science educational concept videos / eth zurich, sustec

The himalayan wolf, research video / OXFORD UNIVERSITY, WILDLIFE CREW

benefiting from open innovation, Video-abstract /        ETH Zurich, sustec

Field course case study Documentation, Conservation management in the Scottish highlands / ETH Zurich, Ecosystem management

FORESTS – A VERY SHORT audiovisual INTRODUCTION /      ETH ZURICH, Ecosystem Management

CASE STUDY: PENINSULA OSA, COSTA RICA / ETH Zurich, environmental policy and economics

PINK NANUQ / Short Children Animation film about climate refugees

The diversity of empathy, conference documentation / university of basel & slsaeu

digital learning: videos, stakeholder interviews, Virtual reality  / eth zurich, ecosystem management

Video Styles in MOOCs – A journey into the world of digital education / FHNW BASEL

MASSAI COOKSTOVES & Fairtrade FLOWERS / WWF, COOP & Southpole Carbon

MAS MICROELECTRONICS / University of Applied Sciences and Arts Brugg | School of Technology


BASEL CULTURE UNLIMITED / Departement of Culture City Basel