Recycled Planets

This shortfilm was created after an open competition "work in progress", organized by the Shortfilm Agency of Hamburg. We were honored to be one of the eleven filmmakers chosen to be sponsored by the Federal Foundation for Culture of Germany in cooperation with the german television ZDF/ARTE.

The film has been shown in cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Distribution by »Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg«

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Postcard "Recycled Planets"
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Mojgan Ghanaatgar
Jeanine Reutemann


Jeanine Reutemann
Mojgan Ghanatgaar


Animation & Design
Mojgan Ghanaatgar

Additional Backgrounds
Michael Raaflaub

Additional Layouts

Lukas Huber

Computer Compositing
Jeanine Reutemann


Simon Glauser

Wolf-Ingo Roemer

Jeanine Reutemann


Special thanx to
Ted Sieger
Jochen Ehmann
Jean First


University of Arts and Design/ HGK Lucerne

Project Monitoring
Julia Arikas
Tobias Büchner
Alex Heneka
Astrid Kuehl
Anke Lindenkamp
Uta Schnell
Lars Wilde


Dieser Film ist im Rahmen eines Kurzfilmwettbewerbes im Programm

"Arbeit in Zukunft" der Kulturstiftung des Bundes entstanden, organisiert

von der KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg e.V. in Kooperation mit ZDF/ARTE.


Production 2007