MOOCs, Blended Learning & Digital Education Analysis

Support for blended learning, choice and structure of case-studies, and methodology development for teaching at all levels. Each teaching tool has properties – matching the tool to the purpose & content is key to successful blended learning design.

Lectures, Seminars & Workshop Teachings

Use of media equipment, narration techniques, audiovisual didactics, – teaching media practice, science and educational films, use of digital media, digital narratives, audiovisual didactics

Methodology Development for Teaching at all Levels

We're experienced in educating on all levels > kindergarden > primary school > gymnasium > graduate > post-graduate > as well as adult education in governmental & private sector

Case Study Design & Content Design Consulting

Consulting for blended learning productions, analysis of digital media content and video performance feedback. We also call it guidance through the maze of audiovisual rhetorics.

Participatory Movies

Facilitating a participatory movie production, production of films in direct collaboration with stakeholders.

Participatory Movie Project in the rural area of Maruja, Brazil, Part of the 'CiVi.net' - EU-FP7 Project, ETH Zurich

Enhancing the Knowledge Communication with Learning Design

Short Children Animation film about climate refugees: "Pink Nanuq"

Documentation of differnt learning processes & experiences: Field Study with Master & PhD Students from ETH Zurich

MOOCs, Blended Learning & Co.: Digital Learning Material Analysis

WWF, COOP & Southpole Carbon: Kenyan Massai Cookstoves Project & Oserian Fairtraide Flowers