Research Case Study – »Maruja«

»« - European Comission FP7 Project with ETH Zürich
– Three participatory movies in Brasil & Costa Rica

– Database of local knowledge extracted through participatory video process

– Stakeholder project manager


> RedMorpheus was the Participatory Team Manager and Supervisor of the Film Process.

The image production has been done by the local stakeholders.


Maruja is a community in the very South-East of Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

The community lives inside a state park which was created long after

the initial settlements in the area. The people of Maruja have developed

several ways to live with this situation. This video shows their own

perspective on this life.


Participatory Camera Team

Rosildo Luiz de Almeida, João Luiz, Gabriela das Neves, Alex Oliveira

Musicans/ Musicos

João Luiz, Valdemir Camargo, Elaine Cubas Oliveira, Familia Neves

Facilitiators/ Facilitadores

Jeanine Reutemann, Tim Schloendorn

Translatiors/ Tradutores

Vassilca Jeremias, Barbara Schroeter, Camila Jericó-Daminello,

Karla Dilascio, Lucas Lima

Subtitles/ Subtítlo

Ofra Bosma, Barbara Schroeter

Edit, Soundmix, Directory advise and Technical support

Jeanine Reutemann

Preperatory Stakeholder Interaction/ Preparação das partes envolvidas


Project Team

Angela Meyer, Barbara Schroeter, Claudia Sattler, Gregor Griesch,

Jeanine Reutemann, Tim Schloendorn

Part of:
A research under: Seventh Framework Programme
Funded by/ Financiado por: European Commision

March 2012